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Welcome to soundproofcore.com.

The narrative on how Soundproof Core started?    

Unnecessary sounds can be so stressful, whether you record or sleep.

Exposure to long bothersome sounds causes a variety of problems spanning from stress, weak concentration, loss of productivity, and exhaustion due to lack of sleep to more serious health problems.

I started my soundproofing journey while recording my YouTube videos.

I used to encounter a lot of noises in my room that made it very difficult to record my YouTube videos and hiring an expert was out of my budget, so I started my soundproofing research with all the content and books available on the internet.

I spent a long time reading on how to soundproof my room and studio and got a large bowl of skills on various soundproofing materials and techniques.

After reading for a few months, I develop a deep interest in the topic and spent quite a few years.

And one day while sipping tea in my studio I thought there might be several people struggling with the same problem.

Hence this is how Soundproof Core got its way on the internet.

I tried to share every information I gathered while my soundproofing journey via a common floor.

All the information provided here is authentic and based on my learning and research on soundproofing and sound.

I have read different studies and examined what fits best with the respective problem.

I aim to provide you with a calm surroundings so that you focus better on your work and sleep well to wake with a smile later.

I hope you enjoyed your time with Soundproof Core and would pay us a visit more often.

If you wish to know anything else, you can contact me through the email below:


Thank You, 🙂

Anuj (Author)