11 Best Tips On How To Make Cicadas Be Quiet

how to make cicadas be quiet

A cicada is best known for its ability to produce high-pitched buzzy noise up to or more than 90 decibels.

Male cicada has a special drum-like organ in their body called the tymbal which vibrates to attract female cicada.

Their bodies are made in such a way that amplifies sound and they are most commonly found in groups which increases the sound even further.

The cicadas follow a particular cycle that lasts for a few months/weeks but that’s enough to irritate you while you are busy.

It’s good news because cicadas are completely harmless as they don’t bite and carry disease but they are still too loud to hear.

If you too are troubled by the noise of the cicadas then you are at the right place.

In this article, I have shared the 11 best tips on how to make cicadas be quiet which will help you to get rid of all the cicadas noise from your backyard.

how to make cicadas be quiet

11 Best Tips On How To Make Cicadas Be Quiet

1. Identify The Type Of Cicada

Before doing anything fancy, you should first start by identifying the type of cicadas you have in your garden.

You may think why is this at all important? But it is.

It tells you whether you should act upon them or they will go on their own.

Cicadas appear annually or periodically, you may not be aware of whether your cicadas are annual or periodical.

The ones that appear annually, usually comes out of the ground in the summers.

There’s a species of cicadas called the “Great Eastern Brood” commonly known as “BroodX” which emerges once from the ground every 17 years.

So you don’t need to act on them as they will go soon on their own and you will have to do nothing for the rest of the 16 years.

To know the type of cicada you can ask your neighbors about the type mostly found in your locality or you can call a pest control which will help you know the type and will also give you advice on whether to act or not.

2. Spray Water On Cicadas

how to make cicadas be quiet

Just like the sun-loving painted turtle, cicadas are also huge fans of the sun.

Since they like to live in the heat, you can spray water on them to get fleeting relief from the noise they make.

Cicadas love to live on the trees, so you can also spray water on the trees to make them fall.

You should start to water your lawn daily or when the noise gets too loud to get temporary relief from cicadas.

The solution doesn’t last for a very long time but it’s still very useful as it’s nature-friendly and better than pesticides.

3. Pour Boiling Water

Just like the water spraying method, pouring boiling water is another nature-friendly way to get rid of the cicadas when they are in their nymph stage.

The only thing this method compromise is the area on where the boiling water is poured as it can burn that area.

You simply need to pour the boiling water into the holes where cicadas live in your garden.

But be careful while pouring the hot water as any spills can cause burn and pain to your skin.

4. Pour Vinegar On Cicadas

how to make cicadas be quiet

Another method to get rid of cicadas in your garden is to pour vinegar on them.

Spraying garden-grade vinegar on the trees and plants where the cicadas are found can be useful to kill the cicadas and the nymphs.

Like the boiling water method, pouring vinegar also has one negative effect that it harms many plants on which it is sprayed.

So, you need to make a choice between noise or damaging your lawn.

Vinegar is acidic in nature but not harmful to humans and pets as soon as it drys.

You can let your children and pet play in the garden after the vinegar has completely dried to ensure the safety of your children and pets.

5. Turn The Soil

Cicadas lay their eggs in the ground, and those nymphs spend their time under the ground for 17 years before coming out.

So you can prevent those cicadas to lay more eggs and direct them to some other place away from your garden.

During the early summers, you can turn the soil more often where the most cicadas are found to direct them to some other place so you don’t need to hear them the next year.

6. Clip The Plants

Pruning the plants will help you a lot to prevent new cicadas make their way into your garden.

Cut the branches of the tree infested with the eggs of the cicadas to prevent the annual cicadas from coming back the next year.

If you are troubled with the periodical cicadas then you shouldn’t plant any new trees/shrubs until the fall.

7. Cover The Trees And Shrubs

how to quiet a cicadas

Cicadas love to live on the trees and small plants, so if you can prevent them from getting onto their favorite spot then it can cause them to move to a different place.

You can cover the trees and shrubs in your garden with netting to do that work.

You can also wrap the trunk of the tree with sticky paper or foil to prevent the cicadas from climbing up.

8. Avoid Gardening In The Afternoon

You may wonder why should I avoid gardening during the day? But there’s a reason behind it.

The male cicadas have a special organ in their body called the tymbal which they use to produce noise to attract female cicadas for mating.

So if you use a lawnmower or a similar sort of equipment during the day, then it can attract the female cicadas as they can confuse the noise of a lawnmower for a male mating call.

And as we know that cicadas are sun-loving, the attraction process can work at a faster rate during the daytime.

Hence it’s better to avoid gardening during the day and do it in the first light or evening.

9. Use Insecticide And Repellants

Cicadas usually cause a cacophony for a few weeks or sometimes a month. So carrying out anything drastic for a short time period isn’t actually necessary.

If you are dealing with a 17-year brood then you don’t need to worry at all.

This species of cicada troubles you for a short period of time and then just moves under the ground for 17 whole years.

But if the problem is constant and the noise becomes unbearable then you have no choice but to use an insecticide on your lawn.

Remember, using pesticides on your lawn will not give you permanent results as new cicadas can always make their way into your lawn through your neighboring area.

Besides not being a permanent solution, some insecticides can also cause damage to your plants and pets as well.

So you can also have a natural approach towards killing cicadas if you want and that is to use lemongrass/lavender/peppermint oil.

Spraying one of these oils in the area you most see the cicadas helps to kill them and also repels new cicadas to make their home in your garden.

Apart from cicadas, these oils also help to keep other insects away from your garden.

10. Cover Your Ear Or Use White Noise Machine

Sometimes, it’s unfortunate that even after trying everything, you are still not able to get rid of the entire cicadas population.

In such a case, you should definitely use noise-canceling headphones to cover your ears so that you don’t need to hear that loud cicadas noise.

If the noise remains for a long time then you can not wear headphones for that long as they don’t feel so comfortable.

So, if that’s the case for you then you can use a white noise machine or even a white noise android app which will help to nullify the noise of the cicadas.

White noise is a pleasant sound that blocks other unwanted sounds to maintain your calm.

11. Soundproof Your Room

If you are really concerned about the noise, then you should invest your time and money in soundproofing your room.

Though it’s a time taking process, but the most effective one in reducing all the noise from your room.

To soundproof your room you don’t need to do anything major, putting some thick blankets in different areas of your room will do the work for you.

You can hang blankets on your doors and windows and lay one on the ground and you are done with your work.

It’s not the professional way to soundproof a room but in your case, you don’t need to do anything drastic.

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