How To Pee Quietly For Men And Women: 9 Best Tips

how to pee quietly

Using the toilet has always been a problem for shy men and women.

The flush noise and the noise created while peeing feel kind of embarrassing for shy people.

So, if you would know how to pee quietly, then it would be a great help for you and all the introverted people like you.

In this guide, I will suggest some great tips for both men and women on how to pee quietly.

Peeing quietly doesn’t involve any rocket science, you just need to know a few timed skills that will help you with your purpose.

Besides following these tips you can also consider soundproofing your bathroom, as it will help you a lot in your purpose of quiet washroom use.

Tips On How To Pee Quietly For Men And Women

1. Control The Speed

The first step that you could take to avoid noise while peeing is to control your peeing speed unless you are really pressed.

Instead of peeing all out at once, let it out a little at a time until you are finished.

Doing this will help you a lot to reduce the peeing noise.

This will of course take extra time to pee, but no one outside the restroom will hear you out doing your business.

Also, controlling the peeing speed doesn’t mean that you hold and release the pee at timely intervals.

Doing such a way increases the risk of contracting a Urinary Tract Infection, UTI.

You just need to pee normally, how you do it always, but at a lesser speed.

2. Put Toilet Paper Inside The Bowl

toilet paper to reduce noise inside bathroom

Another thing that you could do to reduce noise inside the restroom is to put some toilet paper inside the toilet bowl.

Toilet paper prevents your pee from directly hitting the water inside the toilet bowl and thus reduces the noise this way.

Apart from the noise it also helps you to protect yourself against splashbacks.

Simply put some tissues over the water surface before peeing. For added security, you can also place an extra layer of tissue over the edges.

The noise will slow down considerably as the speed with which the urine hits the water will be reduced due to the tissues.

But be careful to not overdo this step because putting too many tissues inside the toilet bowl can clog the toilet.

3. Aim To The Side

What else could you do to avoid hitting the water directly?

You can aim at the side of the toilet bowl while peeing to avoid, directly hitting the water.

Aiming at the sides doesn’t require learning any master skills, you just need a bit of practice, and changing your sitting position to get the right angle will just work well for you.

To get the right position you can move closer to the edge of the toilet so that your pee is directed towards the front end of the toilet bowl.

To make this method work, even more, quieter you can combine it with the tissue paper method.

Combining these two methods will help you a lot to reduce the pee noise and will also help you to deal with the splashes.

4. Flush The Toilet Before You Pee

how to pee quietly

How to pee in public without being noticed?

If you are at a crowded party, you can create some sort of distractions that cover the pee noise.

Inside a bathroom, you have two options to mask the pee noise:

  • Flush the toilet.
  • Leave the water tap on.

When you go to the bathroom, you can leave the water tap on or flush the toilet or do both, before you pee.

Flushing and a running tap are the most common things to do inside a bathroom, so this will not leave anyone in doubt of what’s going inside.

Even if anyone is standing right next to the door, then still it’s very difficult to hear the pee noise over a noisy flush.

Just ensure that your timing is right and that you are done with your business by the time the tank fills up for the next flush.

Don’t forget to flush the toilet again when leaving for the next user.

5. Pee While Seated

For women, be taken as read, but for men who always pee while standing, it sounds weird.

Men’s always pee while standing, and modern urinals are specially built for this purpose to maintain ideal comfort.

However, in most houses, there are no modern urinals but traditional toilets, and peeing while standing in those traditional toilets creates a lot of noise and a lot more accidental splashes.

So, if you want to maintain the quiet in those basic toilets then it’s better to pee while sitting.

Apart from noise, this method also helps a lot to avoid accidental splashes.

6. Pee On The Grass

It’s not advised to do this all the time but when you are stuck in a place where there is no restroom within reach.

When compared, peeing on the plain ground produces more noise than peeing on the grass.

The grass bed is very soft so your pee will not produce a lot of noise hitting it.

Thus, if you have to choose between plain ground and grass, always go for the grass.

Your pee will make its way through the grass, so there will be no splashes either.

Also, you should carry a bottle of sanitizer with you for those times of day when you are forced to go out open on the ground.

7. Get A Pee Without Noise Stool

Sounds new, what’s a pee without noise stool?

By name, it’s a stool that you can kneel upon so that you are much closer to the toilet bowl while peeing.

Kneel on this stool while peeing, it becomes easier to aim while on your knees and it also helps avoid splashes and spills on the toilet seat.

It also becomes easier when you need to throw up as the stool comes with a cushion so you can kneel on it for a long time without feeling any discomfort.

The pee without noise stool comes in two models:

  • Eco
  • Two-Piece

The eco stool comes as a single-body unit made of wood able to hold up to 265 lbs of weight.

The two-piece model comes with two stools for each knee made of lightweight polyurethane able to hold 265 lbs of weight like the eco stool.

The two-piece model has an advantage over the eco model as it gives you the freedom to arrange the stools according to the position that best suits you.

You can opt for any of them for your quiet purpose and you can also look for the reviews online to find which would be the perfect pick for you.

8. Pee Away From People

how to pee without making noise

This is actually not a tip on how to pee quietly, but on how to pee without getting noticed by others.

Though the method is different, the intent is the same.

Suppose you are at your office or at any public place and if you have to choose between the bathroom that is close to people and a bathroom that is far from the public; always choose the one that’s away from people as no one’s gonna hear you there.

If you are at your house, then choose the bathroom that’s far from the rest of the family members.

Now, if you are out on the roads and want to pee on the sidewalk, then think again, that’s illegal and certainly the thing you should not look for.

But if it’s urgent and there is no restroom within your reach then you are forced to pee on the ground.

In that case, you should move away from the people at a distant place, where you can pee without getting noticed.

9. Soundproof Your Bathroom

If you have a soundproof bathroom, then you need not worry about the pee noise getting out, as there will be no space for the noise to escape.

You can either soundproof your bathroom completely or follow some DIY tips to reduce the noise inside the bathroom.

You can strategically place some thick towels in different locations of your bathroom from where the most noise leaks, especially near the door.

Towels will help to absorb noise inside the bathroom and not allow the noise to reach out.

Another thing that you could do to reduce noise is to place some rubber mats inside the bathroom.

The mats will help to reduce the bouncing back of sound from the floor and will also prevent accidental slips.

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