How To Soundproof A Room With Blankets In 6 Simple Steps.

Yes, soundproofing with blankets.

Using blankets to soundproof your room is a very easy and effective method. 

It does not soundproof your room fully, doing though requires a lot of money and professional help however it’s still very useful to absorb a sizeable amount of unwanted noise.

With the help of soundproof blankets, you can easily reduce the noise in your room by 25-30%.

It’s not a permanent solution but a great cheap alternative.

The best part about them is that they are very easy to install. They don’t require a lot of time for installation.

You can remove and rehang them in no time according to your wish.

Before seeing how to soundproof a room with blankets let’s look at why should we use blankets.

Why use blankets.

Soundproof blankets are, of course, very cheap and easy to install.

They can even give your room an attractive look if used properly.

You cannot spend a large amount of money if you stay in a rented house or apartment. You are limited in ways to make adjustments to the room.

You may don’t want to make any major changes to a rented property.

In such case, what you can do is, you can use soundproof blankets in your room.

You can install/remove/rehang them in no time according to your wish.

For those who live in their own house, you don’t need to spend high when you can use blankets to soundproof your room. 

What more do blankets offer?

  • Very cheap to buy.
  • Easy to install and remove.
  • Less maintenance.
  • Part of décor.

How To Soundproof A Room With Blankets

Blankets are just superb for soundproofing, if used properly.

You should have a proper strategy on how to use them in your room to get the desired results.

Below I have suggested 6 methods to soundproof your room with blankets. I have applied these methods myself and seen great results.  

Let’s look at all the methods one by one.

Step 1: Cover The Door

soundproof blanket for door

The most obvious part of the room that allows the sound to pass is the door.

So, covering your door with a soundproof blanket will be very useful to absorb incoming and outgoing sounds.

I know, blankets on your door might look weird, but they are available in different varieties to mix and match with the acoustics of your door.

Now there are two ways to do that, first is to hang the blanket with the help of a curtain holder and the second includes nailing/gluing the blanket to the door.

The first option, of course, doesn’t cause any damage to the door but is less effective.

The second option causes a little damage to your door but is also very effective.

Be sure to select a blanket longer than the door to cover the gaps around the door. 

If you are afraid of it creating a problem in opening and closing the door, then you can go with the first option. However, if you are precise with your measurements, then don’t worry about the blanket creating a problem in opening and closing the door.

Step 2: Cover The Windows

soundproof blankets for window

After the door, another obvious source of sound escaping includes the windows. 

Usually, we use soundproof curtains on the window but here in this article; we are not talking about expensive stuff.

Soundproof blankets work similarly as soundproof curtains but the only thing they compromise is the look of your room. They don’t certainly look good over the window.

You can use them if you don’t mind that strange look otherwise curtains are there for you.

You can simply hang the blanket over the window with the help of a curtain holder. It will be easy to hang a window blanket with grommets so don’t forget to look for that. 

The sound can make its way out through the gaps around the window, so choose a blanket a little larger than the window.

Step 3: Cover The Floor

soundproof blankets for floor

If you don’t want to disturb people below your room, then you can consider soundproofing your floor.

Besides this soundproofing, your floor will also help you reduce the overall echo in your room by reducing the bouncing of sound from the hard surface floor.

Laying a blanket on floor is not something everyone would like to do but you can still use it if you want.

Be creative to style the floor with some picnic mood.

Step 4: Cover The Walls And Ceiling

Most of the houses nowadays have very thin walls which easily allow the passage of unwanted noise through them.

Besides that, sound bounces through hard surfaces like walls, creating an echo effect in the room. 

So, hanging blankets on walls will be very useful in both cases. 

How to hang a blanket on the wall?

There are several ways to cover the walls with blankets, like:  

  • Nailing the blanket to the wall.
  • Gluing the blanket to the wall.
  • Hanging the blanket with the help of a curtain rod.

Now, these methods have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Nailing/gluing the blanket to the wall is more effective in your soundproofing purpose but damages your walls while hanging the blanket with a rod does not damage the walls but is a little less effective.  

You may also not have permission to nail the wall if you live in a rented property.

In this case, hanging the blanket with a rod is the best choice. 

Besides soundproofing, the blanket also keeps the temperature of your room a little warm.

After the walls, you can consider soundproofing the ceiling to get rid of noise made by the neighbors above you. 

To do that, you need to nail the blanket to your ceiling. However, doing that is not something I would recommend because nailing a blanket to the ceiling looks very odd.  

Instead of this, you can request your neighbors to buy some soundproof blankets/carpets and lay them on their floor.

Step 5: Cover The Furniture

soundproof blanket for furniture

After reading the points above in this article, you should have understood that sound bounces from hard surfaces.

So, you should definitely look forward to cover the furniture in your room with thick blankets. 

Covering the table with a blanket would not look so good, but you can choose a blanket that matches your surroundings. And to make it even more attractive you can place a flower pot or showpiece over the table. 

Step 6: Cover Loud Appliances

Basic home appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, etc cause most of the noise in a house.

Covering them with blankets will be a good option to reduce the noise reaching different parts of your house.

But be careful while covering the appliances as some of them overheat and covering them with a blanket would increase their temperature even further.

In such cases, instead of covering the appliances, you can place the blanket below it and a blanket above it.

What To Look For While Buying Soundproof Blankets

Now, after knowing how to use blankets for soundproofing, the next thing you should gaze at is what to look for while buying blankets. 

You will not wish to buy a blanket that doesn’t fit your needs. So, I will suggest you some points to keep in mind while buying blankets for your room.


Always choose a thicker blanket while soundproofing your room because the thicker the blanket will be, the more it will absorb the sound coming to it. 

It will not be easy for sound to pass through a thicker and denser blanket.

You can buy moving blankets as they are made of multiple layers which makes it difficult for sound to penetrate them. 


Measure the area that you want to cover so that you buy a blanket that fits well.

I know that annoying feeling of running short of material when it was just getting done. I don’t want you to feel that.

Design and grommet

There are a variety of designs available in the market. Therefore, before buying any, make sure that you are choosing the one that fits with your interior.  

Also, make sure to buy blankets with grommets as it makes it easy to install them otherwise you would need to hole them which won’t look so good.

On How To Soundproof A Room With Blankets

Soundproofing, your room with blankets is the best choice as it’s very beginner friendly. You don’t need any professional help to soundproof your room with blankets.

Besides that, they are super cheap to buy. If you have soundproofed your room earlier with a different strategy, then you might know how expensive it is to do that.

It is very easy to remove the blankets and shift them to some other place.

I have mentioned all the methods that you need to apply to get the desired results.

Hopefully, this article may have helped you to get rid of the unwanted noises in your room. 


Q1. How to hang blanket over door?

There are two ways to hang a blanket over the door:

  1. You can hang the blanket with the help of a curtain rod. You will need to buy a curtain rod and then hang the blanket on it.
  2. If you want to go with a cheaper way then you can consider hanging the blanket with the help of curtain wire. Go for a blanket with grommets so that you don’t find any difficulty in hanging the blanket with help of a wire.

You can also nail/glue the blanket to the door. It will damage your door but will be more effective.

Q2. Are blankets good for soundproofing?

Using soundproof blankets is the easiest and cheapest way to soundproof a room. They are super cheap and very effective in absorbing sound.

They are even used in recording studios to lessen the amount of echo in the room. 

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